November 12th - Law and Gospel

This week our elementary students will be looking at the entire passage (Romans 7:1-6), while our preschool and toddler room will be focusing on Romans 6:23. We will also be looking at question 10 from the New City Catechism ( It is also available as an app.


We have been set free from sin by Jesus, so now we serve God!


For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. - Romans 6:23

Hand Motions we are using in class

For the wages —> Make a money symbol by rubbing your fingers together
of sin—> rooms have been doing this in different ways. One is to look sad. The ASL sign for this is fingers pointing at a smiling face and then spiraling down.
is death—> fall down
but the free gift—> hold out hands as if offering a gift
of God—> point up
is eternal life—>roll your hands in a circular motion
in Christ Jesus our Lord—> Point to a cross in the room


In preschool/toddler room, we are doing Question 10 of the New City Catechism App ( and then we are doing the memory verse. After that, we are discussing the questions below:

What is the sabbath day? What does worship look like?

How do we love and honor our father and our mother?

How does Jesus set us free to do both of these things?

In the elementary aged room, we are reading Romans 7:1-6 and discussing the questions below.

What is this analogy in verses 1-3? How can we break this down to our language?

What are ways that we serve righteousness?

Now that we belong to God, what do we produce? What does producing ‘fruit’ mean?

What’s the difference of serving in the new way of the spirit vs. the old way of the law?

These are the activities and object lessons we are using in our room this week to drive home the lesson. Our activities are always built around enforcing the lesson:

Ten Commandments Cardboard - For Orange and Commons, use during Catechism. This is a great way to talk about the 10 commandments with the kids and to memorize them together! There are 10 strips of cardboard per room to write the commandments on. they are velcro’d on, so you can take them off every week to help with memorization!

Days of the Week (Musical Chairs spinoff) - For the Commons, play this game like musical chairs but instead of music, have a leader say the days of the week, or holidays. Whenever the leader says “Sunday” or “Sabbath”, everyone sits in a chair.

Bearing Fruit - For Commons, This is a drawing exercise. Divide the room into two teams, except for 3 or 4 “judges”. Each team needs to pick a “tree”. The room has 5 minutes to draw pieces of fruit. Every piece of fruit they draw gets cut out and taped to their tree! The tree with the best looking fruit wins. You can have both trees win if desired. Tie this to the idea of bearing fruit for Jesus.

Showing Honor - To use as an activity for honoring your father and mother if desired, ask the kids how honor is shown to different types of people like soldiers, adults, teachers, etc. Then ask them some yes or no questions of how to honor their father and mother.