Holy Monday Devotional


Read this scripture: Mark 11:15-19 Commentary:

Following the events of Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem the next day I can imagine the city was a buzz. I’m sure everyone was talking about what He would do next. He was hailed as their King on Sunday, so would it be on Monday that He would begin to go about setting up His kingdom, and if so, how would He do it? Contrary to their ideas and what they expected Jesus returned to the temple. On this visit He didn’t just present Himself in the temple as our Lord (Malachi 3:1), but He cleansed the temple. This wasn’t because the temple was dirty, but because what was taking place in the temple was repulsive in the sight of God. The religious leaders were making a profit off of the worship of God.


The temple was to be the place of worship, a house of prayer, not a den of robbers. Today our bodies are the temple of the Lord (1 Corinthians 6:19), and we are to worship Him in all we do. If Jesus were to show up in the temple of your heart this week, what would He see? What tables would He turn over in your life? What in your life needs to be cleansed so that the worship of your King can be restored? I think that these are good questions for us to ask as we begin this Holy Week. Our King has come to be our Savior so that our worship could be restored. Let us begin this week by examining ourselves and asking our King come in and cleanse the temple of our hearts that we might worship Him rightly.


Jesus, we thank you for coming and presenting yourself in the temple as our Lord. Forgive us for allowing other things to come in and detract and distract us from worshipping You. Would you turn over the tables that we have set up that are in opposition to worshipping you. We ask God that you would cleanse the temples of our hearts, and that you would help us this week to remember your sacrifice and the things that make for our peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

belief, worshipMat Biggins